img_0401I’m Jake and I’m a travelaholic.

Remember those chats with the careers adviser in high school? I said to mine that I wanted to work in travel and that’s what I’ve been doing since leaving school in 2000.

I work in travel but really, I’m working to travel. We all need the money, right?

As I do actually have to work for a living, my holidays are precious and I try to get away at least twice every year. A large proportion of my salary is spent on travel but I’ve got bills like everyone else; mortgage, car, utilities, food! I’m always asked how I afford to travel so much and it occurred to me that people think that travel is expensive – it really doesn’t have to be!

So that’s why I started this blog, to serve as an inspiration for what you can achieve on a modest budget and get maximum value for money.

I hope you enjoy reading and do add comments or questions if you want to know more!

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