Jake’s top travel tips

I love travelling, but it can be hard work, uncomfortable and stressful. Here’s some of my top tips to make your life a little easier during your globetrotting adventures:

  • Invest in a travel wallet to keep your passport, visas, insurance documents, credit cards and money safe and in one place.
  • Email yourself copies of your passport, visas and insurance documents in case you lose the originals.
  • For trips with multiple stops, have a summary sheet of flight, hotel and transfer information in the order that you’ll need them. Make a note of where a payment needs to be made so you can budget properly throughout your trip. Leave a copy with someone at home so they know where to contact you at any given time.
  • Having hotel addresses written in the local language with phone numbers will come in handy for taxis or if you get lost.
  • If flying economy or taking long bus or train journeys, take a neck pillow, eye maskear-warmers and ear plugs to help you sleep. Ear plugs never stay in my ears so I’ve got ski ear warmers to hold them in, I put the headband across my eyes with the eye mask on top to really block out light. It also never hurts to have a couple of inflatable pillows, they take up such little space when not inflated.
  • Always travel with bottled water, especially when flying, as well as lip balm and moisturiser. Buy your water after security at the airport and make sure any liquids in your hand luggage are under 100ml.
  • Wear light, breathable clothing and avoid sitting still for too long. Stretch and move around as much as possible. I usually have some comfy clothes in my hand luggage for long flights and change in to them once the seatbelt sign has been switched off.
  • Prepare for the unexpected, always allow time for delays and disruptions especially if travelling to meet a flight.

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